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PLA Air Force

Chinese J-20 rivals American F-22 in performance


[People's Daily Online, September 29, 2016] Based on a photo posted by a netizen, it appears that another J-20 stealth fighter recently conducted a test flight. According to a military expert, the performance of the Chinese J-20 rivals that of the American F-22, People’s Daily Online reported.

China developing next-generation strategic bomber

China is developing a next-generation strategic bomber, the People's Liberation Army Air Force's top commander officially confirmed on Thursday.

General Ma Xiaotian said the new aircraft would enhance the PLA Air Force's long-range strike capability, with even greater strides to come.

"We are now developing a next generation, long-range strike bomber that you will see sometime in the future," he told reporters in Changchun, Jilin province, at a PLA Air Force open day.

PLA Air Force sets up anti-drone unit

China Daily

A specialized unit dedicated to detecting and dealing with small unmanned aircraft has been set up within the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Its main focus is small, slow-moving drones flying at an altitude of less than 1,000 meters, the PLA Air Force said in a news release on Thursday - without revealing how many such targets had been engaged or when the unit was set up.

Small drones can pose a substantial threat to key positions as their size makes them difficult to detect with radar, the news release explained.

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