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China cuts U.S. treasuries holding in July

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- China, the top buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, cut its holding in July for two months running, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Friday.

China shed its treasuries holding by 22 billion U.S. dollars in July, with the total holding down to 1.2188 trillion dollars. It has cut its treasuries holding for two consecutive months. [China held the record $1.317 trillion of U.S. debt in November 2013.]

Japan, the second largest foreign holder of U.S. treasuries, increased its holding by 6.9 billion dollars to 1.1546 trillion dollars in July.

By the end of July, overall foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities dropped to 6.2479 trillion dollars from June's 6.2828 trillion dollars. [Currently, U.S. public outstanding debt is $19.5 trillion, foreign holdings dropped to 5.374 trillion dollars. There is no limit on debt the U.S. may take on until March 15, 2017, as U.S. congress and government suspended the debt limit with their promise not to shut down the government.]

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