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China is suggesting her combat readiness for American bombers' adventures in the Asia-Pacific

China's 3rd-generation surface- to-air missile system is combat-ready.

Colonel Shen Jinke, Chinese Air Force spokesman, August 28, at the "Hero Camp" of the Air Force (a former SA-2 missile camp of People's Liberation Army that firstly shot down the CIA sponsored Martin RB-57D carrying out deep penetration reconnaissance flights over the Mainland of China, on October 7, 1959, in the world, ) indicated that the Chinese Air Force has been combat-ready capability after equipped with China's homegrown third-generation surface to air missile systems. "Through innovation, currently, the surface-to-air defense forces are able to deal with far-range, medium-range and short-range missiles which can come in on high, medium and low altitudes. The capability of China's air defense and anti-missile systems has greatly improved in the information age we live in. Our surface-to-air forces are now a powerful force to safeguard China's airspace sovereignty."

"The system can cover from short-to long range and strike low- to high altitude targets," Shen said. "Air defence and anti-missile systems are critical parts of the air force's strategic capability," Shen said. "The system consists of new missiles and launching systems. The air force is transforming from territorial air defence to being capable of both attack and defence," he said.

According Shen's brief introduction, the Air Force air defense and anti-missile systems combining the well-known HQ-9 medium-high altitude and medium-long range surface to air missiles again all types of aviation raid target, the HQ-12, newly medium-high-altitude air defense missiles, and the HQ-6 missile and artillery gun, a new generation of low altitude and end air defense interceptor with high accuracy of missile and high fire rate of air defense anti-aircraft artillery gun.

Earlier this month, Chinese Aero space officials said China's next-generation cruise missiles will be developed based on a modular design, allowing them to be tailor-made for specific combat situations with high level of artificial intelligence.

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