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Happy New Year!

2013, the Year of Snake

For over three millennia China has followed the lunar calendar to record time. To count the years, the lunar calendar uses the 10 Heavenly Stems (甲、乙、丙、丁、戊、己、庚、辛、壬、癸) and 12 Earthly Branches (子、丑、寅、卯、辰、巳、午、未、申、酉、戌、亥). Each year is named by one Heavenly Stem combining with one Earthly Branch. The combination, a cycle, has 60 years. In the mean time, to correspond with the Earthly Branches, each year is assigned to one of the 12 animals (鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、犬、猪), that represents people who were born. Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are thus used to number the years, record and measure time, and determine each person's zodiac sign.


The Earthly Branch is 巳("si"). Zodiac animal is snake. The snake is an old species on earth. The snake ranks sixth among the 12 zodiac animals. It is said that during the hour (9:00 - 11:00), the mist has lifted and the sun shines brightly. Snakes are extraordinarily active during this period. The hour is thus matched with the snake. The Snake is regarded as keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve.

Snake years are sixth in the cycle and recur every twelfth year: 2025, 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941... The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date of the Solar Calendar, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Snake Year actually begins. The year of the Snake, 2013, is coming on February 10th.


干支 五行 生肖 公元
甲子 木 (Wood) 鼠 (Rat) 1924, 1984
乙丑 木 (Wood) 牛 (Ox) 1925, 1985
丙寅 火 (Fire) 虎 (Tiger) 1926, 1986
丁卯 火 (Fire) 兔 (Rabbit) 1927, 1987
戊辰 土 (Earth) 龙 (Dragon) 1928, 1988
已巳 土 (Earth) 蛇 (Snake) 1929, 1989
庚午 金 (Metal) 马 (Horse) 1930, 1990
辛未 金 (Metal) 羊 (Goat) 1931, 1991
壬申 水 (Water) 猴 (Monkey) 1932, 1992
癸酉 水 (Water) 鸡 (Rooster) 1933, 1993
甲戌 木 (Wood) 狗 (Dog) 1934, 1994
乙亥 木 (Wood) 猪 (Pig) 1935, 1995
丙子 火 (Fire) 鼠 (Rat) 1936, 1996
丁丑 火 (Fire) 牛 (Ox) 1937, 1997
戊寅 土 (Earth) 虎 (Tiger) 1938, 1998
已卯 土 (Earth) 兔 (Rabbit) 1939, 1999
庚辰 金 (Metal) 龙 (Dragon) 1940, 2000
辛巳 金 (Metal) 蛇 (Snake) 1941, 2001
壬午 水 (Water) 马 (Horse) 1942, 2002
癸未 水 (Water) 羊 (Goat) 1943, 2003
甲申 木 (Wood) 猴 (Monkey) 1944, 2004
乙酉 木 (Wood) 鸡 (Rooster) 1945, 2005
丙戌 火 (Fire) 狗 (Dog) 1946, 2006
丁亥 火 (Fire) 猪 (Pig) 1947, 2007
戊子 土 (Earth) 鼠 (Rat) 1948, 2008
己丑 土 (Earth) 牛 (Ox) 1949, 2009
庚寅 金 (Metal) 虎 (Tiger) 1950, 2010
辛卯 金 (Metal) 兔 (Rabbit) 1951, 2011
壬辰 水 (Water) 龙 (Dragon) 1952, 2012
癸巳 水 (Water) 蛇 (Snake) 2013-2-10
甲午 木 (Wood) 马 (Horse) 1954, 2014
乙未 木 (Wood) 羊 (Goat) 1955, 2015
丙申 火 (Fire) 猴 (Monkey) 1956, 2016
丁酉 火 (Fire) 鸡 (Rooster) 1957, 2017
戊戌 土 (Earth) 狗 (Dog) 1958, 2018
已亥 土 (Earth) 猪 (Pig) 1959, 2019
庚子 金 (Metal) 鼠 (Rat) 1960, 2020
辛丑 金 (Metal) 牛 (Ox) 1961, 2021
壬寅 水 (Water) 虎 (Tiger) 1962, 2022
癸卯 水 (Water) 兔 (Rabbit) 1963, 2023
甲辰 木 (Wood) 龙 (Dragon) 1964, 2024
乙巳 木 (Wood) 蛇 (Snake) 1965, 2025
丙午 火 (Fire) 马 (Horse) 1966, 2026
丁未 火 (Fire) 羊 (Goat) 1967, 2027
戊申 土 (Earth) 猴 (Monkey) 1968, 2028
已酉 土 (Earth) 鸡 (Rooster) 1969, 2029
庚戌 金 (Metal) 狗 (Dog) 1970, 2030
辛亥 金 (Metal) 猪 (Pig) 1971, 2031
壬子 水 (Water) 鼠 (Rat) 1972, 2032
癸丑 水 (Water) 牛 (Ox) 1973, 2033
甲寅 木 (Wood) 虎 (Tiger) 1974, 2034
乙卯 木 (Wood) 兔 (Rabbit) 1975, 2035
丙辰 火 (Fire) 龙 (Dragon) 1976, 2036
丁巳 火 (Fire) 蛇 (Snake) 1977, 2037
戊午 土 (Earth) 马 (Horse) 1978, 2038
已未 土 (Earth) 羊 (Goat) 1979, 2039
庚申 金 (Metal) 猴 (Monkey) 1980, 2040
辛酉 金 (Metal) 鸡 (Rooster) 1981, 2041
壬戌 水 (Water) 狗 (Dog) 1982, 2042
癸亥 水 (Water) 猪 (Pig) 1983, 2043


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